Some people are open enough to approach someone more trustworthy and ask things, be it an opportunity, opinion, favors, help with decision making. Unless you ask you don’t know whether you will be helped or not. Humans have a tendency to help and they will help almost all the time till it costs them something significant.

On the other hand, the reason we don’t ask is our inhibitions, self-containment, introverted nature, or bias. Almost every time we don’t ask, it’s replaced with assumptions. Assumptions are your thoughts played loud in your mind by yourself with words like “I think”, “perhaps”…

Have we ever noticed how excited we are when we start anything? But it’s a sad fact that 70% of people abandon what they have started with so much energy and love. It could be as small as building a hobby or starting a pet project or even an activity or a side learning we started.

Well begun is half done.” Aristotle did say this but we are judged for how we have finished something.

You separate yourself from the masses when you choose to give that task a finish. The first quality is finishing off what you started and…

TestVagrant — a testing services company in the pursuit to make testing intelligent and innovative
TestVagrant — a testing services company in the pursuit to make testing intelligent and innovative
TestVagrant certified as Great Place To Work


A Workplace is a living entity, characterized by people who work there, relationships between those people, the trust they have with each other and the leadership, and many finer elements. Since the inception of TestVagrant, we have focussed on some core values to build the workplace; trust, care, and mutual respect.

Trust is certainly one of the most defining traits of a great workplace. Trust — in your employees, trust that they will conduct the best, trust that they are giving the best. It helps build credibility and it’s two-way. For employees…

Why they exist and should they even matter to you?

Some questions are very fundamental to an organization and help make us understand why an organization even exists? Today while reading a book I revised myself on some of these core questions of the very entity I co-founded 6 years back.

While thinking of these questions, I even thought why is it that none of my coworkers have ever come and asked these questions? Don’t these fundamental questions matter to them to help choose why they should work at a certain place? Is job description and nature of work the…

Strategizing testing for your fast scaling startup…

It’s been almost 6+ years while working with some of the most respected B2B as well as fast-growing B2C companies and solving some of the most complex software testing problems for them. Some of these startups/companies we have worked with and can quote them are as below (and some are more prestigious but we can’t reference them due to legalities 😊):

TestVagrant Clientele

There are some commonality and obvious pattern which we figured out on this journey. And for the larger benefit, I would like to capture it here. Startups we work with, are in different stages of product evolution and scale…

Are you hiring right?

Image courtesy: Google Search :)

The success of any startup in the initial phase is largely driven by the people it hires. It’s very important to build a group of people who are highly passionate and believe in your company’s vision. Perhaps for this very reason the first x (varies from startup to startup) hires are made by the founder themselves and they take a good amount of time to convey the purpose of start-up and the vision of theirs. It’s very important to align the thought process with what you are building.

Recruitment should generally be a well-defined process that has to produce the…

Startups are hard! This statement shouldn’t be sugarcoated. It’s the unmasked truth of running a startup. If you are not ready to sacrifice sleep, a considerable percentage of family time, work umpteen hours ( including weekends), stay self-motivated then this is not for you.

6 years back I, Sukesh, and Pani came together to co-found a software testing consulting services company, we had no idea of what we are signing up ourselves for. It was just a rationalized thought process and fire in the belly to do something of our own. But as we progressed we got to learn it…

A critical piece of Performance Appraisal

Self Assessment

Continuing from my last post (link here), where I was discussing a slightly different approach of Performance Appraisal (we have adopted), the first stage is self-assessment.

Understanding of role and job

The first step to performance evaluation is understanding what is expected of the role. One needs to have a clear description of the expectations of the job. So before we proceed with doing the self-evaluation, we should clearly understand the same. …

Typically a performance appraisal should address the below:

a.) it should help provide feedback to individuals on how they have performed in current role/project

b.) it should form a baseline to improvise the existing performance and also form the basis of new project work allotment so as to better utilise the acquired and enhanced skills

c.) it should form the basis of revision of compensation as well.

More or less all the performance measurement model essentially addresses these three points, some in a comprehensive manner and some in a crisp manner.

What are we trying to do different?

A little context of who we are and what…

Courtesy: Google & ElonMusk :)

The truth is when you are an entrepreneur there is no weekend and it’s not by any compulsion but because of the passion, you have for your startup. The majority of the entrepreneurs would echo this line of thought.

If you are an entrepreneur and taking the weekend off then maybe you are just in a glorified job with no boss to report to.

All days are the same!

For entrepreneurs, work is their passion, their life, their baby. It’s for a reason you have left a few things behind to venture and create it. In fact, work is not…


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